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Thursday (February 16, 2017)

13:00-14:45       Registration


14:45-15:15       Opening: Wolfgang Riedel (Vice-President of the JMU Würzburg), Roland Baumhauer (Dean of the Faculty of Arts, JMU Würzburg), Federico Petrucci, Michael Erler, Jan E. Heßler


15:15-16:45       Chair: Michael Erler

Federico Petrucci: Authority Beyond Doctrines: Plato Without (Middle) Platonism in the I Century BCE

Bruno Centrone: Authority and Doctrine in the Pseudo-Pythagorica


16:45-17:15       Coffee


17:15-18:00       Chair: Christian Tornau

Christoph Markschies: Again: Origen and Platonism


18:30                Dinner with all participants



Friday (February 17, 2017)

9:30-11:00         Chair: Federico Petrucci

George Boys-Stones: Plato’s Authority, Plato’s School, and Platonism The Hypothesis of Platonic Authority in Plutarch’s E at Delphi

Jan Opsomer: The Epistemic Authority of Philosophical Predecessors in Plutarch of Chaeronea

Saskia Aerts: Conflicting Authorities? Hermias and Simplicius on the Self-Moving Soul


11:00-11:30       Coffee


11:30-13:00    Chair: George Boys-Stones

Franco Ferrari: Il fine filosofico delle strategie filologiche nell’esegesi plutarchea dei dialoghi di Platone

Riccardo Chiaradonna: Exegesis, Criticism and Integration: The Reception of Aristotle’s Physics in early Neoplatonism (Plotinus and Porphyry)


13:00-14:30       Lunch break


14:30-16:00       Chair: Jan Opsomer Lloyd Gerson

Christian Tornau: Kathegemon. Zur Funktion der Berufung auf den philosophischen Lehrer in den neuplatonischen Kommentaren

Michael Erler: Mulier tam imperiosae auctoritatis. Zur Rolle von auctoritas in  griechischer und römischer Philosophie


16:00-16:30       Coffee


16:30-18:00       Chair: Francesco Verde

Jan E. Heßler: Orthodoxie und Innovation in der Schule Epikurs. Einige Bemerkungen.

Vincenzo Damiani: Ἀστασιαστοτάτη πολιτεία (Numenius). Epicurean Allegiance from  the Outside Perspective


18:30                Chair: Mauro Tulli

David Sedley: Philosophical Authority in the Ancient World


19:30                Reception


Saturday (February 18, 2017)

9:30-11:00         Chair: Jürgen Hammerstaedt

Dino De Sanctis: La parola autorevole: i generi letterari nella produzione del Kepos

Margherita Erbì: Le lettere di Epicuro come testo autorevole nel Kepos


11:00-11:30       Coffee


11:30-13:00       Chair: Dino De Sanctis

Giuliana Leone: Ortodossia e auctoritas: i libri del Περὶ φύϲεωϲ nella tradizione della Scuola di Epicuro

Michael McOsker: Demetrius Laco on the Auctoritas of the Master


13:00-14:30       Lunch break


14:30-16:00       Chair: Holger Essler

Tiziano Dorandi: Filodemo e Zenone di Sidone: Da Atene a Ercolano

Dirk Obbink: Critical Orthodoxy and Innovation in Philodemus’ On Piety


16:00-16:30       Coffee


16:30-18:30       Chair: Jan E. Heßler

David Konstan: The Theory of Authority: Aristotle, Plutarch, and the Critique of Epicureanism

Jürgen Hammerstaedt: Epicurus and his Doctrine in the Inscription of Diogenes of Oenoanda

Closing discussion