Philologia philosophica Herbipolensis II: “Academy from Outside”

Conference and summerschool, Würzburg 17-21 September 2012

The Department of Classics at Würzburg University invites graduate students and advanced undergraduates in Classics, Ancient Philosophy and related disciplines to participate in a conference and seminar course on the use of quotations in ancient philosophy.

The conference consists of lectures and seminars on quotations used in philosophical writings and in writings about philosophers. Quotations can be used as arguments of authorities, in polemics, as sources of information or as objects of discussion. The conference is organised in lectures on general topics and related seminars on specific texts and problems. The workshops comprise introductions into papyrology and paleography and exercises in editing papyri.

Courses are taught by Gerard Boter, Tiziano Dorandi, Michael Erler, Holger Essler, Michael McOsker, Dirk Obbink, Daniel Riaño, Marion Schneider, Nigel Wilson and Veronika Zilker.


Monday 17.3.

Tuesday 18.3.

Wednesday 19.3.

Thursday 20.3.

Friday 21.3.


9.00 Registration
M. Erler: Polemics and quotations among and against Epicureans (Lecture, 9.30-10.30)

G. Boter: The use of quotations in Epictetus (Lecture)

M. Schneider, V. Zilker: Talking to books. Development of a form of literary dialogue (Lecture)

N. Wilson: Greek Paleography (Workshop)

D. Obbink:
Poets in Philodemus’ De pietate. Selected passages (Seminar)


M. McOsker: Quotations in Demetrius Laco (Lecture)

T. Dorandi: La strategia della ‘citazione’ da Diogene Laerzio a Stobeo (Lecture)

T. Dorandi: La critica del testo e la tradizione parallela. Qualche esempio nelle Vite dei filosofi di Diogene Laerzio (Seminar)

H. Essler, D. Riaño:
Digital edition and grammatical analysis of Herculanean papyri

H. Essler, D. Riaño:
Digital edition and grammatical analysis of Herculanean papyri (Workshop)


N. Wilson:
Greek Paleography (Workshop)

G. Boter:  Philosophical and philological interpretation in Epictetus (Seminar)

N. Wilson:
Greek Palaeography (Workshop)

D. Obbink:
The new Sappho (Lecture)

Closing session: Digital edition and annotation of the texts prepared by the participants (Workshop)


H. Essler:
Introduction to Papyrology (Workshop)

H. Essler:
Herculanean Papyrology (Workshop)

M. Schneider: Poems from prose. The poetic fragments in Plutarch’s De audiendis poetis (Seminar. 16-17)
V. Zilker: Reconstructing Julian’s Ad Florum (Seminar. 17-18)