Philologia philosophica Herbipolensis IV: “Roman Epicureans – Epicureanism and Romans”

Conference and seminar course, Würzburg 21-25 March 2016

The Department of Classics at Würzburg University invites graduate students and advanced undergraduates in Classics, Ancient Philosophy and related disciplines to participate in a conference and seminar course on Epicureanism in Italy.

The conference consists of lectures and seminars on the relationship between Epicurean and Roman tradition and on digital editing. The conference is organised in lectures on general topics and related seminars on specific texts and problems. The workshops comprise introductions into papyrology and palaeography and exercises in editing papyri.

Courses are taught by Gerard Boter, Vincenzo Damiani, Tiziano Dorandi, Michael Erler, Holger Essler, Nathan Gilbert, Thomas Köntges, Michael McOsker and Nigel Wilson.



Monday 21.3.

Tuesday 22.3.

Wednesday 23.3.

Thursday 24.3.

Friday 25.3.


9.00 Registration
M. Erler: Epicureans and mos maiorum (Lecture, 9.30-10.30)

V. Damiani: Sed breviter paucis praestat comprendere multa. Spreading Epicureanism by means of Abridgement (Lecture)

N. Wilson: Greek Palaeography (Workshop)

G. Boter: Editing Roman philosophers. Selected problems (Seminar)

T. Köntges: Digital Editing and Citing (Seminar)


N. Gilbert: Atticus’ Epicureanism and Cicero (Lecture)

T. Dorandi: Filodemo d’Atene a Roma e Ercolano (Lecture)

G. Boter: Epicureanism in the Roman Stoa (Lecture)

T. Köntges: Digital Editing and Citing (Lecture)

H. Essler: Digital edition and Herculaneum papyri (Workshop)
12.00-12.30 Closing session


N. Wilson: Greek Palaeography (Workshop)

N. Gilbert: Cicero’s philosophical jousting with Cassius (Seminar)

H. Essler: Digital edition and Herculaneum papyri (Workshop)

T. Dorandi: Filodemo e Attico. Pratiche editoriali fra Roma e Ercolano (Seminar)


H. Essler:
Introduction to Papyrology (Workshop)

H. Essler:
Herculaneum Papyrology (Workshop)

M. McOsker: Selected passages from Philodemus’ De ira (Seminar)

N. Wilson: Greek Palaeography (Workshop)


M. McOsker: The Epicurean Diagnosis of Anger (Lecture)