Philologia philosophica Herbipolensis V: “Implicit Discussion”

Conference and seminar course, Würzburg 19-23 March 2018

The Department of Classics at Würzburg University invites graduate students and advanced undergraduates in Classics, Ancient Philosophy and related disciplines to participate in a conference and seminar course on „Implicit Discussion“ in ancient philosophical texts.

The conference consists of lectures and seminars on ancient philosophers engaging in discussions without naming their opponents and on digital editing. The conference is organized in lectures on general topics and related seminars on specific texts and problems. The workshops comprise introductions into papyrology and paleography and exercises in editing papyri.

Courses are taught by Gerard Boter, Giuseppe Celano, Tiziano Dorandi, Michael Erler, Holger Essler, Solmeng-Jonas Hirschi, Emidio Spinelli and Nigel Wilson.



Monday 19.3.

Tuesday 20.3.

Wednesday 21.3.

Thursday 22.3.

Friday 23.3.


9.00 Registration
M. Erler: Epicurus and his unnamed predecessors (Lecture, 9.30-10.30)

N. Wilson: Greek Palaeography (Workshop)

G. Celano: Tree banking in practice (Seminar)

G. Boter: Establishing stemma and texts (Seminar)

S. Hirschi: Who are we? Who are they? Pronouns and implicit criticism in Epicurus‘ letters (Seminar)


T. Dorandi: Strategie polemiche in Filodemo (Lecture)

G. Celano: Treebanking of ancient texts (Lecture)

G. Boter: Epicurean influence in Philostratus? An evaluation of the implicit evidence (Lecture)

S. Hirschi: Εὐήθης, μάταιος, μωρός: how (im)personal does Epicurean disapproval get? (Lecture)

H. Essler: Digital edition and Herculaneum papyri (Workshop)
12.00-12.30 Closing session


N. Wilson: Greek Palaeography (Workshop)

T. Dorandi: Come trattare citazioni anonime in una raccolta di frammenti (Seminar)

H. Essler: Digital edition and Herculaneum papyri (Workshop)

N. Wilson: Greek Palaeography (Workshop)


H. Essler: Introduction to Papyrology (Workshop)

H. Essler: Herculaneum Papyrology (Workshop)

E. Spinelli: Do the Sceptics reject what is apparent? (Seminar)

H. Essler: Digital edition and Herculaneum papyri (Workshop)


E. Spinelli: “… Compelled to commit any forbidden act”: unnamed dogmatic attack, the figure of the tyrant and the moral/pragmatic attitude of the Pyrrhonist (Lecture)